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About Us

Inverness Sheds is a family owned and operated business that has served our community for over 20 years. Currently, two generations of the family work hard each day to deliver quality products and excellent service for Citrus County. In 2017 owners Joan and Bob Emerson handed over the reins of the business to their son and daughter-in-law but remain active in the day-to-day operations.


 Most people visit us because they need more space, whether they are downsizing or moving things from attics and basements we offer a variety of products to help. With our wide selection of outbuildings, including sheds, carports and steel buildings, we will help you build or select the best option to meet your unique needs.  

Why Choose Inverness Sheds

At Inverness Sheds we put the customer first. This means we will help you select the best product and deliver it at the lowest possible price. Our customer focus includes:

Why Choose Inverness

Meet the Family

Ted Giera, Co-Owner, Site Inspector


Ted, co-owner of Inverness Shed, served in the military for over 20 years and is a Sergeant First Class (retired Veteran). In addition to the skills and training he received in the Army, Ted is a state-authorized tractor trailer (CDL) driver and a union-qualified carpenter. He is a man of faith and believes that he is here to serve others. Ted helps customers determine the best building to fit their needs and addresses all building requests as well as site inspections.

Donna Giera Co-Owner, Office Manager


Donna recently completed her training as a Radiological Technologist, while completing her Associate's degree. She manages the office, processes transactions, assist customers in financing and helps customers design their perfect building. She adds the tech-savvy element to the operation and keeps orders running smoothly. She loves customer service and making sure that everyone is happy with their product choice and the service they received.

Joan Emerson Co-Founder, Office Manager


Joan started Inverness Sheds in 1998 and her focus is on providing quality products and services remains a core company value. She is smart, business savvy and personable, (everyone loves her) making her the heart and soul of the business. Although semi-retired, Joan supports the office team providing quality customer service and a good laugh to our customers. You can also say she is the company’s creative inspiration and serves as the companies stylist. She’s the cat’s meow.

Bob Emerson Co-Founder, Dealership Operator, Builder 


Bob is the co-founder of Inverness Sheds which shares space with Inverness Motors, a car dealership that he has operated for 30+ years. He is an integral part of Inverness Sheds, as the company’s main builder. He builds custom pump houses for pools and wells for customers who appreciate the finer hand-built designs. He customized many of pre-made sheds to fit the needs of the customers as well.  He has years of experience in commercial and residential building and can create the exact specifications of the customer needs and designs.

Meet the Family
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